How I discovered Naturopathy – and how it helped me pursue my dreams.

Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Something prompted me to share this with you. Not that my journey is very different from anyone else’s, but it’s important I empower you to make well-informed choices about your health and well-being. This is the story of how I stumbled into the world of Naturopathy, how it healed me & changed my life, and helped me embark on a very rewarding career path.

I was sick

Boy was I sick. As sick as I’ve ever been…and tired.¬†So incredibly tired. I had a 6 month old beautiful baby girl, a great supportive husband, and everything else that’s supposed to keep you happy and healthy. But I wasn’t happy or healthy.

I suffered from a recurring viral throat infection that stopped me from sleeping and eating (not good when you need all the nutrition & sleep you can get whilst breastfeeding), I was exhausted physically & mentally, suffered from constant anxiety & what I realised later on was post-natal depression.

I went to the doctor about my throat several times, but he couldn’t help me. “It’s viral, there’s nothing we can do”, he said. But it was agony, razorblades every morning, on and off for at least 4 months. Now, I had completed 2 years of a Bachelor of Nursing degree, so I had some medical knowledge…but it wasn’t helping. My little girl always seemed hungry & so I presumed that I wasn’t producing enough milk. I gave up breastfeeding. It didn’t occur to me that I wasn’t eating the right foods, so the quality of my milk was poor. I was at my wits end. So one day I just googled “natural therapists in my local area”. The closest one showed up and I rang and booked an appointment.

My natural revolution

The Naturopath informed me that my immunity was non-existent, my gut wasn’t working well, I had no nutritional reserves & even when I was asleep I wasn’t sleeping properly because I my nervous system had lost it’s ability to flick the off switch. I could have cried with relief. Because what was going on didn’t mean I was weak, or unable to cope with being a mother, it was because my body was out of balance and I was suffering as a result. And guess what? There was something ¬†that could be done about it. I was told that my body could heal itself, given the right conditions. Amazing, right?

This was a revelation to me. Up until that point, I thought that masking all my symptoms with medications was the only way that I could ever begin to feel normal again. It’s true that our bodies are fragile and can break – but if they are nourished correctly, they can heal themselves. So I embarked on a herbal and nutritional regime that gave me the nourishment my body required, and the remedies restored balance to my gut, my immunity and my nervous system.

Within 3 weeks my sore throat had vanished. I was no longer getting daily stomach pains. Within 6 weeks, I was waking feeling refreshed and I was able to relax again and enjoy being a mother. I felt stronger in myself than I remember being in the last 10 years. I wasn’t just going through the motions, I was experiencing life from a more positive perspective. I learnt about how food is truly medicine and that feeding myself nutrient rich foods is an act of self-love.

And so I became a Naturopath

And so here I am, 6 years later, a qualified and practising Naturopath. And just like that Naturopath who cared enough to help me, I have clients come into the clinic and reveal their fear and frustration at the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of a body that is imbalanced. Many of them come to me as a last resort. And it is my privilege to pass on the knowledge I have, to show them, empower them, teach them, that we were not just dumped on this Earth with no means of healing ourselves. The power lies within us – Nature has provided us the tools to heal. Herbal medicines have been tried & tested (over thousands of years), clinically researched & proven to have effective therapeutic qualities. Better still, these herbs resonate with different energies for different people, so they don’t just do one thing – unlike most medications. They can heal the liver, while supporting the nervous system: They can act as a natural laxative while boosting white blood cell numbers & changing the dynamic of your gut flora. They can lower your blood sugar levels & reduce cholesterol.

Why haven’t you heard about this before? Because people can’t make big money from plants. Their ingredients can’t be patented. If you don’t believe me, visit this website and search for Turmeric. 185 pages of clinical research studies come up. Try Echinacea, Berberine (a component of several herbs including Golden Seal & Phellodendron). There are loads of clinical studies available that show how effective herbal medicines can be, even in conjunction with mainstream medicine. The same goes for vitamins and minerals. Our bodies need these nutrients to function.

All of our nutrition should be derived from food, but commercial farming practices make this almost impossible. Supplementing is the next best thing. I always recommend vitamin and mineral supplements for clinical deficiencies, but for maintenance, find yourself a good wholefood supplement. I have one I recommend on my website.

Make a balanced choice

There are times when we need medical intervention, and there are times when natural healing is more suitable. I couldn’t sew your finger back on if you chopped it off, for instance. But listen to your body! If what you’re doing medically isn’t working, then open you mind to natural therapies. It doesn’t have to be Naturopathy – there is literally a wealth of beautiful, natural, nourishing therapies out there – find the one that resonates with you. Take charge of your health – nurture and nourish your body.


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