Gut health

Most people are familiar with the uncomfortable sensation of bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, or indigestion that may occur from time to time. However, when it starts to happen more regularly it becomes a problem that should be addressed.

There are many reasons why these symptoms occur, but more commonly they are caused by food allergies/intolerances, poor diet, stress, environmental toxins or digestive insufficiency. Dysbiosis is a condition usually associated with gut dysfunction due to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, but this is more likely to be an effect rather than a cause of poor digestive health.

It is very important to address and treat the root cause of digestive issues. Herbal remedies such as Slippery Elm, St Mary’s Thistle, Gentian & Marshmallow are very effective at soothing the digestive tract, whilst stimulating digestion & proper absorption of nutrients. Wormwood, Golden Seal and Myhrr can treat infections caused by intestinal parasites and restore microbial balance. Nutraceuticals including glutamine, zinc, vitamin A and probiotics provide basic nutritional support for proper gut function and repair.

Pathology tests including food intolerance/allergy testing and stool sampling can be utilised if necessary. Please contact me for further information.

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