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Your health ‘reboot’ – How to get back to basics.

Feeling gluggy, tired, bloated and generally unwell? If you’re good at listening to your body then its likely you can decipher pretty quickly what’s wrong. But what about if you’re not sure what’s wrong? Never fear – even if you are completely overwhelmed with all the signs and symptoms you’ve been experiencing, don’t over overcomplicate …

Amino acid therapy: Is it beneficial for mental health?

My interest in amino acids was sparked after I began to follow the research on NAC (n.acteyl cysteine) for treatment-resistant mental health disorders. An initial staunch non-believer in amino acid therapy, I decided to give it a try following the birth of my second child, in an attempt to mitigate the effects of post-natal depression …

Brain on fire: Why your diet could be contributing to your depression.

Neuroinflammation. A big word with heavy connotations. Over the last several years, I’ve written a lot about it, and for good reason. It is my firm belief that this, more than any other factor, is to blame for the rise in cases of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders all around the world. However, if …

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